so i bought at a book at the airport and 1 long haul flight and a morning on the beach later i had devoured the story of lance armstrong. his first book ‘it’s not about the bike’ is an absolutely gripping read. a refreshing book for me to grab hold of as well. maybe that’s why i read it abnormally quickly for me.

for me, the tour de france is the toughest sports event in the world. 3 weeks of over 200 kilometres every day racing at an average of 40mph while constantly climbing mountains hundreds of metres high. sticking close to your biggest rivals every day. pulling your team mates up mountains in your slipstream. sprint finishes.

many people don’t realise the team sport that cycling is. how sacrificial it is to ride hard for 4 hours and move over to allow your team mate a victory.

anyway, i would seriously recommend checking his story out. it’s a powerful story. one of endurance, perseverance, battle and honesty. one where he takes over 200 pages to even begin to describe his first tour de france victory. one where, incredibly, the most successful cycling career in history takes a back seat.

lance’s battle with cancer is the main focus of the book. a very stark and honest view of his intense chemo. he describes that as the real battle in his life and much harder than winning the tour de france. as you read the story, your admiration of this man grows.

but i admire him for the cycling stuff too! this short video says it all!!!