so i’m back blogging after taking a month to make a few changes in my life!! more on that soon.


have been thinking alot about reluctance in the last couple of days. mainly because i was doing some bible teaching training for a group last week. the folks i was doing it with thought it would be a good idea to finish with some worship. but i wasn’t so sure.

in fact, i was more than unsure. i didn’t think it was the best way to end the training. completely unrelated in some ways. and i was definitely completely reluctant to do it myself. which has been a complete turnaround in the last few years.

just a few years i was busting down doors to lead worship. i loved it. any opportunity i got to lead songs with my guitar i was grabbing with both hands. probably too keen in some ways.

and yet sunday night’s worship was amazing. for me it was so refreshing. and i’m glad i was talked into it. my reluctance was rebuked. and as i’ve reflected on this, perhaps its when were most reluctant that were most aware of God’s help with us. a bit like moses in exodus 3, its when we know that we can’t do it on our own and don’t just fall into the trap of thinking we are good enough, that we truly rely on God to guide us and breathe His life upon our reluctance…

or maybe i’m just making excuses for my laziness…??!!