finding inspiration in all sorts of places at the moment. dug out an old, old song of duke special’s that he recorded live over 5 years ago at CFC Church in Belfast. it’s called ‘some kind of love’ and has some really powerful lyrics.

“i’m like a creature who’s living underground
i squint at the light
pushing up the dirt with my hands
trying to get into the light
i’m tired tonight

and i need to find some kind of love

i’m not a star, just an ordinary man
just broken and foolish like everyone else
and i’m looking for something that’s true

warm is the sun as it bleaches the sky
Jesus i need to find love to get by
i need to feel something now”

really touches upon the needs of a generation. can we provide this kind of love?

(for those looking for the song, check out iTunes and you might get it. recorded in Revival in Belfast II album. and boy does it have a revival cry about it in a very deep sense…)