so all this happened not long after i wrote this blog post. feel like there’s so much i could add on this week’s disgusting events in belfast but i’ll just pick up the theme of identity. this is mainly because one of the arguments i hear so much of against groups of migrant workers entering and settling in our country, is that it threatens our own unique national identity. that their own culture, language and food will undermine our own.

how insecure in our own identity are we to believe or feel threatened by other nationalities living alongside us? is our own culture really diluted by other cultures living among us? or is it actually enhanced, as amidst increased diversity, our own identity and culture is highlighted within this backdrop of difference?

i find it bizarre that as a group called ‘diversity’ wins a national talent contest that our nation continues to feel threatened by difference in our society. i feel so saddened that we still haven’t learned to live alongside others who are different to us in race, in politics, in sexuality, in beliefs, and in values.

now i love belfast. i love northern ireland. but the attacks on the romanian families this week has almost made me ashamed to be from this wee country. we have ceased to become the land that ‘welcomes the stranger’ and become a country that is defined by labels, borders and groupings.

and i guess in the midst of all that, i need to be more secure in my identity. in who i am. and in who God has made me, so that i can cope and live better with people who talk, live and think differently than i am.