from time to time i hear a lot of negativity towards the foreigners in our midst. especially around the antrim area, we have had an increase in migrant workers from eastern europe over the past few years. and with that, an increase in hostility towards them.

and i guess things like shortage of jobs for locals, a lack of integration into society from some of the people groupings and a small amount of crime.

but was reading my bible the other day and it suddenly struck me how so many of the great heroes of the bible were foreign immigrants. i guess as i open the great story of God more and more, it seems to me like God is constantly on the side of the poor. or perhaps more specifically the oppressed.

:: joseph gaining favour in egypt
:: moses born into slavery and oppression
:: the israelites taking over Jericho and moving in to take over the promised land
:: the 3 friends who refused to bow to the foreign statue in Babylonian captivity
:: Daniel not eating the food in his new land or follow the laws of the land
:: Jesus as a Jew living under Roman rule and occupation

too often its a scramble to be at the top. or a desire to state our rights. and others wrongs. perhaps this is a sobering thought for me the next i begin to get impatient at the subway worker who can’t understand my accent in my own country. or when i meet a foreigner in need on the street.

but i have a feeling it goes much deeper than just my individual attitudes. and as i discover this theme that almost seems central and fundamental to God’s word, i’m left wondering what implications it has on us in the West? in the middle class? in the richest 10% on this tiny planet?

and what impact does it have on our Ulster attitudes? is God on my side? or is a better question to ask…am i on God’s side?

will maybe explore this theme again soon on this blog. just an intro for now!!