I’ve spent a lot of time leading worship in different churches and events, and often people have come up to me afterwards and used encouraging phrases such as “I sensed a real anointing of God upon the music this evening” or “That was anointed worship tonight.”

All these words have always been very uplifting and encouraging to me, as well as appreciated. There are even times I believe them to be true. Not because I thought it was amazing, but because I know that’s how God works. Placing His hand upon things that are very ordinary, and using those who are weak.

However, one of my best mates is a joiner and as far as I know he has never had anyone tell him of how his woodwork is ‘anointed’ by God, or how he has a real sense of anointing over his career. Or have you ever heard of an anointed businessman? Or teacher?

Why not? Is God more interested in music than woodwork? (Not if the career of Jesus is anything to go by anyway!!) Does God just come down and touch the lives and work of those in full time ministry? Or those at the front? Or can He really anoint, touch and bless those every day jobs?

Step forward Bezalel and allow me to introduce you to the Bible’s first anointed joiner:

“Then the Lord said to Moses, ‘See I have chosen Bezalel son of Uri from the tribe of Judah…I have filled Bezalel with the Spirit of God and have given the skill, ability and knowledge to do all kinds of work. He is able to design pieces to be made from gold, silver and bronze, to cut jewels and put them in metal, to carve wood, and to do all kinds of work.” Exodus 31:1-6

Here is someone filled with God’s spirit. God has placed within him special gifts and talents. And what is Bezalel called to do? He is a designer, wood-carver and jewellery maker. Surely that’s not up God’s list of priorities?

I love the thought of God anointing craftsmen and builders and joiners. And musicians and artists and dancers. And teachers and leaders and businessmen. I have this image of God literally breathing His Spirit into people to provide them with the necessary skill, ability and knowledge to do their work. And not just do it, but do it with excellence.

A local worship leader said to me recently that the church was the most creative place on earth 200 years ago and at that time, the world was looking to the church for its lead.

Where has that gone to? Can we recover this?

Creative expressions of Christianity should be at the centre of our culture but we have allowed ourselves to be pushed to the margins by our lack of creativity.

We know personally the most creative designer the world has ever seen. The one who painted the skies and designed the stars. The one who created light and displays His glory throughout sunsets. The one who sang His song of love over humanity and wrote His message of hope to the world.

And this designer God lives and dwells inside us, and yet we have stopped short in our creativity, not allowing His genius and beauty to pour out of our lives.

There is literally brilliance on the inside of each of us. Our lives are bursting with potential. If only we would place our humble and tiny little gifts into the hands of this Almighty Creator our world may see Jesus (re)-presented in many fresh, relevant and beautiful ways.

Suddenly a joiner’s ability to build a table becomes every bit as holy as a speakers ability to restore faith or joy or love or acceptance in someone’s life.

Suddenly a follower of Jesus finds purpose in every job. Every meeting. Every conversation. Every day at work. Every table made. Every door hung. Every class taught.

It’s an opportunity to glorify God through the gifts we’ve been given. But more than that. It’s a chance to be a representative of Jesus in every place we are.