One night I was playing in a 5 aside football competition. My friend Tommy went in for a tackle and as he came out of the challenge he screamed. Wondering if he was okay I went over to see what was wrong and was horrified to find his kneecap hanging down the right hand side of his leg.

It was disgusting.

A young girl who was working in the leisure centre that night ran over to Tommy to see what was wrong. Taking one look at the injury she said:

“Hold on, I’ll be back in a minute with a first aid kit.”

A first aid kit? What good was that going to do? It wasn’t a bandage Tommy needed but a full scale operation. We needed to call 999!

The girl’s intentions were lovely but an elastaplast simply wasn’t going to help!

And how often in our lives do we have hurts, issues or struggles that we just try to cover up or hide from our view hoping that they will suddenly heal or go away.

That isn’t what God is about!

He’s not just interested in covering up our hurts to hide them from view, but about binding up our wounds and healing our hearts! He’s into the full scale operations that fix us rather than a quick cover up job to hide away our problems.

The upside down kingdom of God suggests that if you feel weak or are struggling to keep your head above the water then you’re exactly the person God wants to touch and use. You see, God doesn’t call the qualified, He qualifies the called.

Hurting. Struggling. Fed up. Weary. Tired. Apathetic.

If you’re that person then why not spend some time being honest before God, asking Him to meet you in the midst of your brokenness today?