i’m going to start a new wee series on this blog in a couple of days time. i’ve become a bit frustrated in my blogging recently and want to add some freshness here.

i began this blog 2 years ago because i had recently rediscovered my love for writing…and because i also wanted to use it as a vehicle to share some thoughts and ideas in community with other bloggers. to have my thoughts challenged, encouraged and sharpened both by the writing of blog posts, and by the reading of others. i knew this interaction would push me.

and it has.

i want that to continue and so i want to use this blog over the next few months to share with you some writings that i put together about a year or 2 ago. i didn’t know why i was writing this stuff and never intended to share them with too many people. however, much of the thought processes behind them have shaped many posts on this blog. in fact, some of the posts have even included direct quotes from them…or at least, reshaped sentences.

but i want to take you through the order and process i wrote them in, and receive feedback/conversation about some of the subjects here. most of the writings focus on church, community and christ following. in many ways, i’m testing out some thoughts and exploring concepts as i write. some of these concepts have since become more than words to me but a way of life, yet i feel there’s still more for me to learn in sharing them.

not earth shattering or ground breaking. instead, very simple. but i’m excited about the next month or so of blogging as i share some of these thoughts. thanks for sticking with me…