so continuing the conversation from earlier i’ve been thinking and chatting to folks about this in the last week or so. to me it seems that this current generation are searching for belonging, identity and friendship more in church that relevance or cool things.

over the past few weeks in church and youth, we’ve been experimenting a wee bit more with trying to increase the interaction of the people gathered together. it seems to have been received okay but it’s literally only been scratching the surface. however, there have been some quite powerful moments as a result.

for me, this year in church it has been so refreshing to begin to share community in our small group. and the power in this has come from listening. asking questions and hearing other peoples stories. i need that. i need to belong to something bigger than myself. i need to be sharpened by others. i need to hear other peoples perspectives. i need to be asked provoking and challenging questions.

it baffles me how all our conversations with each other happen after the service is over, and yet most of the new testament letters were written to groups of believers, not just single people. in our me-centred society were so obsessed with our own personal worship experience, what we got out of the service and how i interpret the passage. i feel this actually gets in the way and damages community. and so let’s give more space within our corporate gatherings to share together…both from the front and in smaller conversations.

perhaps this spoof youtube video shows us what we need less of and highlights the need for faithful, community minded people who are more interested in presence with young people than relevance. saw this on jills blog and found it amusing…