i’ve said it before that i think that for such a small wee country we produce some quality, creative and unique music. yes of course we can shout about snowpatrol, van morrison, foy vance, duke special, ash etc but it’s good to see more bands and musicians come through.

it’s been good catching a few local bands live in the last couple of weeks who i have been hearing quite a lot about in the past year or so. wanted to give a wee shout out to them because they’ve been costing me a fortune on itunes!! click on the links to go to their MySpace pages and have a wee listen…

firstly, heard ‘cashier no. 9’ for the first time at the Ulster Hall gig and then got them again as support to Snowpatrol. have grabbed their EP since because the sound they produce absolutely blew me away. it’s always difficult doing support at such a big gig but i thought their set was phenomenal.

so full and driving yet with soaring lyrics rising over the top of it all. slightly franz ferdinand only better!! particularly love ‘when jackie shone’ which i’ve put in a wee video for you below. slightly unique song. sarah especially loves the wooo-ing in the chorus of it!! well done the boys from carryduff…

also, loving iain archer’s ‘songbird’ which he sang at the Ulster Hall gig. if you listen to no more of this man, make sure you grab this song. i think i could listen to him sing all day.

and the Lowly Knights EP too…particularly ‘Devotion’. now here is definitely a unique band/setup…there were 12 of them on stage at the Ulster Hall!!