i’ve been thinking for a while now about how church after church after church searches constantly for relevance in their gatherings, meetings and publications. in fact, hold that thought. perhaps a problem is that many of us aren’t even seeking for relevance but that’s another blog altogether!!

anyway, i’ve been wondering whether in the search for relevance we have abandoned the need to simply be present. is the call of the gospel to be relevant to people or present with people?

it frustrates me how many conversations we can have about cool churches with great visuals, music, lighting or other externals….and yet we completely miss out people! one of the greatest needs of people in our world is ‘belonging’. the sense of belonging to a group of people or to a cause. how are we seeking to meet this need?

more and more in our church gatherings i’m searching for interaction, sharing, belonging. we can’t continue joining with other believers for 90 minutes and not talk to each other! if we continue starting at the back of people’s heads then how is that building community?

perhaps the two should go hand in hand but i would happily ditch the revelance, if it meant we could be more present in each others lives. less of a show and more of a response. less front focus and more each other aware. less listening and more interaction. less passive and more active.