i think i’ve always been fascinated with Croke Park ever since i saw the film ‘Michael Collins’ as a naive 12 year old. back then, the storyline of the film and the events that took place in the early part of last century didn’t make too much sense to me. but now, after A Level History, and watching lots of political coverage throughout the years, it all seems so much clearer now.

while the events make me very uncomfortable, you really do realise what a historic stadium Croke Park is, and on saturday i’m looking forward to standing there for the first time as i cheer on ireland to beat england.

being a huge northern ireland football fan, especially having watched them playing the Republic of Ireland before, the anthems will be a very strange moment, which i suppose goies to underline what a unique place our nation is.

i love huge stadiums and big sporting occassions and this is definitely going to be one of them. i’ve been to wembley, old trafford and the allianz arena which are all massive stadiums….but i think 80,000 people within a stadium at one time may just tip the scales as a record for me.

bring it on