i thought 2008 produced very few good films. in fact, there were very few trailers that even grabbed me!!

but already Jan 09 has surpassed all of last year for me with 5 films that i’ve really enjoyed. i’ll tell you a bit more about them…

YES Man! – I found this very amusing. A good laugh and a great film if your not looking for anything too serious.

Seven Pounds – basically the opposite of the above film with no laughs but a very gripping story. i’m a huge Will Smith fan and the film is centred on his character the whole time. he pulls it off. very sad ending although slightly predictable. definitely not a feel good movie but perhaps challenging in some ways.

Slumdog Millionaire – epic film. manages to have both dramatic and comedic moments throughout. i loved how it portrayed the challenging journey of an indian street kid from zero to hero…and how the money seems secondary in it all for the central character.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button – probably my least favourite of the lot. great concept for a film but too slow moving. the start of the proper story and the end of the film were very good and there was a nice moment in the middle when the 2 met in the middle, but took too long for me!!

Valkyrie – possibly my favourite of these 4. although, while tom cruise is good in the film, the american accents slightly spoiled the reality of the incredible story. perhaps an example of how hollywood can get in the way of a gripping and historic event. but having said that, i sat fixated on this film for the whole 2 hours, and even though history tells us the outcome of the plot, i was still drawn in to the drama which surrounded it. i love history!!