was chatting to a friend i’ve known for quite a while on friday night and we discovered our shared love for a certain radio programme (see picture above!!). i’d no idea about this common interest and so i wondered what other things i had yet to discover about the people around me!

and so this particular discovery, as well as the rant-like nature of my previous 2 posts, has led me to share (in no particular order!) some rather obscure and possibly unknown loves of mine…

:: porridge

:: stand up comedy, especially mock the week tv show and comedians michael mcintyre, tim vine and darragh o’braian

:: maps

:: lying in

:: eating out

:: the radio show fighting talk hosted by colin murray on 5live on saturday mornings

:: duke special

:: a few frames of snooker every week

:: blackcurrant in my coke

:: refusing to let queue bunking cars cut in right in front of me while on the 5 laned M2/M5 foreshore heading home from work. i love the laugh of making them sweat it out that they may miss their turnoff due to their impatience and rudeness!!

:: portadown fc

:: sunday night motd2 with sarah and a couple of slices of toast

:: barbecue sauce

:: lazing about the house in my shorts

:: bull fights

care to share any of the unique and hidden that contribute to making you you?!