i feel that this post goes against my love for subway and starbucks. but despite that, i’m not loving big franchises at the minute. possibly sparked my dominos pizza coming sweeping into antrim in the past couple of months and taking customers away from the good pizza companies already in the town.

the business of good old ‘pizza the action’ has been hit. here’s a local owner who contributes to the community, employs local people, and has had a fine reputation for years. but no matter how good your business is, it’s very hard to compete again the size, financial weight and reputation of a large, international franchise…especially if the figures i’ve heard about this siuation are true.

perhaps in the midst of this economic downturn it’s time to return to buying locally and supporting those in our community who have served us for years. i’ve yet to decide whether this should affect my twice weekly visits to subway…

signing off now because i’m worried that i’m starting to sound like my granny!!