it’s that time of year when i look back and share my top 10 moments of the year with the rest of blogworld. maybe this might start something…who knows!

anyway…here goes…

1. getting engaged in october to the amazing sarah and beginning wedding plans. no matter what anyone says, this has been so exciting and i look forward to august 09 and beyond!

2. a fantastic week long holiday in july to portugal with 2 great mates. golf, food, football and banter was roughly how each day went!!

3. leading a brand new mission in enniskillen in the summer called Enniskillen 360. new team. new style. a good start…but just a start. loved it though.

4. a weekend in slovakia watching norn iron in september. bad result but it didn’t spoil a great few days.

5. getting to spend a few days as part of the youth team at spring harvest. it really stretched me and i learned loads from the experience. good times.

6. recording a new christmas album with some amazing friends who i’ve worked alongside now for a few years. weird singing carols in september but top fun!

7. joining the dundrod old boys football team. i’ve re-discovered my love for playing the game and has improved my fitness. a great laugh along the way too as well as a nice way to switch off from a week at work!

8. getting more stuck into my church this year, especially youth wise. really challenging to do this on a regular basis but rewarding to invest in young people’s lives.

9. golf in donegal at easter time. just beautiful scenery, amazing courses and the company wasn’t bad either! must do again next year!!

10. getting time off for christmas and all that means for this year. time with family and friends and a bit of space for some me time too.

what were your highlights of 08?