i’ve been asked that questions by several people in the last 2 days so thought i’d share what i’m reading and how it is inspiring me right now…

:: ‘chasing daylight’ by erwin mcmanus
brilliant book about not settling for mediocrity in life or faith but how we can all seize the ‘divine moments’ of our everydays. read it!!

:: ‘too busy not to pray’ by bill hybels
have read snippets of this before but have started reading it. me and sarah are working our way through it together actually. liking it so far but far too challenging!!

:: ‘crazy love’ by francis chan
i’ve been a fan of francis chan as a communicator for a while now but this book is simple inspiring. unashamedly about falling more in love with Jesus, it’s all about what exactly it says on the tin. so refreshing.

:: ‘the antrim times’
hey, don’t knock it!! i love our wee local newspaper, from the random local stories, to the churches page, and from seeing people i know in the photos to seeing my football results up there!!