so tuesday afternoon was the nerve wrecking time to ask the father’s permission. could hardly hold it from craig and tommy when we went out after training on tuesday night.

then got up yesterday to buy the ring i’d picked last week and then pick up sarah for our wee day together up north. she was completely oblivious to the ridiculously huge box for such a tiny little object that i was carrying in my pocket.

after a stop for lunch and a quick nip into a couple of shops we drove towards the north coast, hitting a snow storm en route!! awful weather but sarah seemed to love it!

my target was to get to the top of Binevenagh – an incredible mountain view near Benone overlooking Co. Donegal and seemingly half of the rest of the north coast. we had to abandon the car halfway up due to the snow and then wrap up warm. we didn’t quite reach the top but stopped at a nice wee viewing point for some photos.

my knee hit the dirt leading to frostbite in the joints as sarah bounced about asking me if i was serious…cos that would have been a lovely prank to play of course!! i’m thankful that the title of this blog is true and we had an amazing rest of the day together. laughing. looking ahead. eating lots. sharing the news with our parents and then friends. and even sneaking an after midnight match of the day at sarah’s friends house.

nerve jangling?? ….yes!! worth it….absolutely!!