i need to blog about this to get it out of my system. perhaps i will find some strange healing in the process!!!

i remember it clearly. watching the world cup as a 5 year old i fell in love with 2 english footballers. 1 was the seemingly perfect character of gary linekar and the other was the flair, excitement and passion of gazza. that was me hooked. hooked on football, but also on the club side they played for when they weren’t representing englad…tottenham hotspur.

success quickly followed the very next year as my new found team won the FA Cup, helping to cement my support for them. was it always going to be as good as this?

looking back on the last 17 years with only 2 minor trophies to count, it’s been a long and fairly tough journey supporting the mighty spurs! but then football is all about sticking with your team in the hills and troughs. following a team is for the good times and the bad.

but the past month has been the worst i ever remember as a spurs fan. bottom of the league. the threat of relegation. haven’t won a league match since april. goalkeeping errors. injuries. red cards. penalties conceded. can’t score a goal. just when i think it can’t get any worse, it manages to with every match.

despite it all, i’m stuck with my hapless club and strangely even still proud to call my self a spurs supporter. there are little enough of us anyway…!!