and in light of my previous post, i am so pleased to say that in the midst of it all, young people at Spark 08 responded to reach out to the poverty stricken of our world. as i spoke on joining God in the rubble of our world, i offered some practical responses. to see young people not just reach out to their own community of ballymena, but to those living far off was humbling.

through the amazing Living Generously project sponsored through 24/7 prayer, here’s how they did it:

:: providing 2 street children a safe and comfortable place to stay for a week
:: paying for a loving home to be provided to 3 scared & malnourished street kids
:: provide schooling for 5 of the poorest of the poor
:: sponsor a couple to become houseparents for a family of street children
:: provide medical care for 3 street children
:: pay for the first stage of detox for a street child
:: give a street child the chance to go to school
:: provide meals on a rehab program for street kids
:: help support 3 high risk families to keep it together

:: supporting a child in the Maoni Orphanage

:: providing a child sponsorship package to 2 children for one month

:: house a child at risk from Colombia’s terror groups

:: provide a trip to a Theme Park for 3 young people with special needs

:: support a building project to home AIDS orphans and provide medical care