so the last time i reviewed a movie on this blog it wasn’t pretty – a fairly negative experience all round. check that out here

but i don’t think i’ve ever been moved by a film as much as i was last week when sarah and i trotted off to yorkgate on our friday night to see ‘the boy in the striped pyjamas’

i’d specifically said that i wanted a good chill out film to end the busy week at work so i’ve no idea how we ended up watching a film that had sarah in floods of tears and haunted me to my very core.

as many films are, it’s based on the book of the same name. based in wartime, the film takes a look at the horror of the holocaust from a fairly original perspective – through the eyes of an innocent little german boy, the son of the commanding chief of a jewish concentration camp in poland.

the boy befriends a young jewish boy of the same age and through conversation and typically childish games, they develop a love and friendship for one another that betrays the indoctrination and propoganda the young german has been subjected to.

i felt that the film dealt so well with the issue of prejudice, challenging our misconceptions of the ‘other side’ in all aspects of our lives. we need more of this…

however, the cruel twist at the very climax of the film leaves you numb and had me cursing at the inhumanity of this regime. i guess the horror of it all hit me like never before. sarah said the same thing. she’d heard about the holocaust before, but only this visual and powerful interpretation impacts your whole being. i suppose it emphasises the power of media.

so it wasn’t the type of film i was looking for. and not an enjoyable watch. but gripping and powerful all the same. i reluctantly recommend it but go prepared!