green cars. i used to think that hardly any green cars existed. and then one day i started looking for them. suddenly they stood out from the crowd. there were thousands of them. i challenge you to try the same thing!!

and i’ve seen this ‘green car effect’ mirrored in other ways too.

you see, every so often over the the past few years, a biblical theme, passage or story has really stood out to me as being a ‘now’ passage for my life. through these passages, i’ve realised that God is saying something strongly to me…and also sometimes its seemed that He has also been saying a similar thing to our wider generation.

for example, i’ve maybe been reading a passage and someone mentions it to me. then it gets read in church, i read a blog about it, a hear a song based on it, someone preaches on it, its on the latest nooma dvd, it makes it on a bookmark in the faith mission and advertising banners use it as part of their slogan. suddenly everyones talking about this story or passage. is it just a cool passage or is it something deeper?

psalm 24, psalm 40, colossians 3:17 & 1 kings 19 are all such passages for me…and it has seemed many others at a time.

and so what i want to know is this: are there any particular ‘now’ passages for this generation at the minute? is there any biblical theme that you feel God is wanting to impress upon people’s hearts? or can i be more specific and ask it for the world of young people in particular…?

…and thinking of the power of story and how story connects with young people…any biblical stories? what isn’t being highlighted that needs to be? what is God’s heart for now? what is He wanting to communicate today?

in fact, what passages/stories are standing out for you at the minute? what has God been saying to you today? this week?

would love your input. might leave this as the top post of my blog for a wee while as i’d love to hear your thoughts on this…thanks!