reading Jill Boyd’s latest great post sparked something within me. i’ve always been fascinated with maps. even as a kid, i used to draw maps of the world straight out of the atlas and memorise capital cities of countries. sad i know but this has stayed with me. i can honestly say that i could stare at maps for hours.

strange though because i’ve never felt any desire to live outside of this island. i love this country and it feels like i’m meant to be here. to keep living here. working here. ministering here. maybe that will change some day, but part of me doesn’t believe the sentence i’ve just typed.

however, i do have a love for travelling, especially around european cities which i’ve had the privilege of doing a fair of over the last few years.

but…back to maps…has it ever struck you how big canada is? or how many islands greece have? or how short a distance it is from spain to africa? or how tiny northern ireland really is? what about the vast pacific islands and the thousands of unknown islands? or how russia always seems to span half the map?

no? just me then…!

but seriously, thanks for the reminder Jill that God’s heart is for ALL this world. and i may just glimpse it in parts throughout my small blip in comparison to eternity…but i’m determined to mirror and display that heart in every place i step.

i’m off to buy a big map for my room……