thought i should step up the quality of my posting following my last, rather tired offering!!

i’ve been a big fan of the music and worship leading of charlie hall for the last few years. “charlie who?” you may ask. let me explain…

he’s probably the least well known of the 4 passion worship leaders – the others being chris tomlin, dave crowder and matt redman – probably mainly because his songs are not just as singable in a church setting than the others.

yet his music is incredibly creative and his wording is refreshing and uncliched. his new album called ‘the bright sadness’ is phenomenal and has provided food for my soul over the past week.

here’s a song called ‘chainbreaker’ from his new album. this is the only song from the album i could find on youtube and probably doesn’t do it justice but wanted to post anyway!! check it out on iTunes…

“who renovates the human heart and gives the broken brand new starts…so come just as you are”