wondering if i should even blogging about this because i love Jesus and hate His name being dragged through the dirt…

i feel like i’ve lost so much confidence in Christian ministry in the last few days as news has filtered through of 2 very public and high profile scandals. i don’t want to go into details but it’s been a horrible week for the Western church.

so who do we trust? what ministries do we listen to? what cd’s do we buy?

all this has reminded me…

:: never to place my hope in a man, a ministry, or even a church
:: that we are quick to build up and even quicker to tear down
:: of the importance of being in relational ministry with people who i know, love and trust
:: not to put people on pedestals
:: how i should look first to my local church for guidance and direction
:: that God still chooses to use messed up people
:: that most biblical characters really are just like us
:: that the internet and the media is such a powerful tool – for good and for evil
:: that i need to be discerning of what i watch and listen – in general!

as snowpatrol said: “i need Your grace to remind me to find my own…”