i’ve been thinking loads recently about how to help people engage more effectively when we gather people together for corporate times of worship or teaching. young people are my bias and so this post may reflect that but i feel there is a real need to be creating 3 dimensional experience of worship. that may sound weird but hear me out…

in the past when i went to church it was always focused on what was going on at the front. i listened for an hour with the occassional opportunity to sing a few verses and ease the back ache by standing up. it wasn’t all bad. i often enjoyed it, but the primary way i participated in worship was by listening. it was one dimensional worship.

but it’s obvious that we engage in more ways than just listening. we are multi dimensional people. perhaps we engage the most in the following 3 ways…

listening. watching. doing.

…we’re really good in the church at allowing people the opportunity to listen. (!!!) but what about visually and actively? some people aren’t singers. they hate it. but are stimulated visually. others learn best when they are doing something. they remember by participating.

but this post is not just for those ‘certain’ people. it’s for everyone. we live in a day where choice is paramount. our 300 channel TV’s. our split screen Sky Sports programme where you have different options of what to look at. our now necessary interactive red button.

and so what about our churches…

:: how are we doing at giving opportunity for people to participate in our worship gatherings?
:: in what ways are we inspiring people visually in our church?
:: are we giving those gathered any choice in what happens?
:: how can we better facilitate active response within a larger gathering of people?
:: are we creating an environment, singing songs, preaching sermons, giving announcements that stimulates the listening, the visual and the active person?

and it’s not just about installing a data projector or asking a question at the start of a sermon. it should be about every aspect of our times together. speaking in a language that can be heard, seen and lived. i long to see corporate worship experiences that are in 3D.

talkback: in what ways have you seen 3D church work well?