been thinking a lot recently about how much i invest in my local community. so often when i’ve messages to in antrim like going to the bank, or the shops, or getting my haircut, i can be rushing about so much or having the phone to my ear. but maybe it’s better to slow down and pause more, allowing time and space to chat to those i bump into and smile at who i meet.

just yesterday i was only in town for less than half an hour and i bumped into a few people who i used to go to school with or play football with. and on monday night, i was playing football at the forum and had the opportunity to chat to a few lads who used to go to BB in my church.

i’ve lived nearer belfast for the past year and loved that experience. it was refreshing in so many ways but to be honest, i really missed home as well. i missed hanging out with my mates more regularly. i hated having to travel back every week to play football or go to church. i didn’t get down to the snooker club i used to spend so many hours at as a teenager. months went by before i saw guys i used to be friendly with.

and so i’m challenged at how much time i spend in my community. i’d like to get back to the snooker club a bit more often. i’d like to support local companies and buy food from local shops, even if it does cost me 10p extra. i’d like to slow down and pause more when i’m in town.

should our local community matter to us or do i just sound old??!!