i love the olympics. naturally i’m a sports lover and so loving the olympics is a fairly obvious thing but deeper than that, as a kid i was always (very sadly) fascinated with geography. and i mean proper geography – countries, capital cities, flags, continents etc. and so i think i was grabbed from an early age by the global sporting festival that comes around every 4 years.

i mean it’s only for 2 weeks twice in a decade that you can suddenly get interested in judo. and it’s only because britain are quite good at it that you give a stuff about indoor track cycling. or the badminton mixed doubles or the laser class sailing.

i remember watching linford christie win gold in 1992 when we were on our holidays in scotland. the nightmare kid that i was forced my family to stay in our chalet that night to watch. and sally gunnell winning gold the same year too.

i lay with a radio under my pillow in 1996 listening to michael johnson smash the 200 metres world record and i stayed up all night to watch the first few nights of the 2000 olympics in sydney until i got burnt out half way through the first week!!

it was a special moment seeing steve redgrave win his 5th gold in september 2000, which was incidentally the night after sarah and i started going out so i was fairly buzzing anyway!! and that’s not even mentioning kelly holmes and the victorious british sprint relay team from the last olympics.


i’m glad they’ve come round again. i actually wanted to go to these games when it was between Toronto and Beijing, desperately hoping that my favourite city in the world would get to host them. but i’ll just have to wait 4 years until they are being held just next door.

i probably won’t be just as dedicated this time round but i must go now and read up on the greco-roman wrestling and bmx riding that will be featuring on our TV screens soon! now that we’ve got the ludicrous opening ceremony over with…let the games begin!!