so i was having lunch with a wee mate today at good old subway. foot long turkey breast and ham with bbq sauce is the way forward…

anyway, he was sharing about how the summer months are difficult to keep going with his relationship with God. the absence of events and friends and discipline and things to get involved in mean that it’s often tough for young people to continue walking with God.

it was a very simple statement but, as he said it, something rang so true in my own head. often the emphasis of summer is to relax and take it easy…which is a good thing…but it can all too easily leave you with a lazy or apathetic attitude to life in general. a couldn’t be bothered approach to my relationship with Jesus. or a critical spirit in church. i know i have noticed these danger signs in my own life over the past week or two.

so thanks to my 17 year old mate, i’m resolved to not slip into that attitude and to grasp hold of the gift of time that summer can bring. to live a different routine, yet one that reflects Jesus and pushes my own spirituality to new levels.

it’s amazing what can happen in subway!