tonight i played my 3rd match with my new football team, dundrod old boys. were definitely no world beaters but it’s a decent enough team and it’s been good to get a good amount of game time for them. thankfully we look a bit better than the ladies team in the photo!!

this is definitely me out of my comfort zone. i suppose i’ve spoken/preached/written/blogged for so long now about the need for followers of Jesus to be infiltrating all areas of culture so it was about time i did something about it.

i mean, don’t get me wrong, i don’t want to over-spiritualise this as i’m desperate to get back playing football regularly again and try to keep a good level of fitness…but i do feel it’s important to get settled in a team and begin to build relationships with the guys around me. they are a civil bunch and i’m looking forward to getting to know them all better and share the highs and lows of a football season with them.

it’s tough at times. when the manager tells you to go in with 2 footed lunges…or to claim for throw ins that you know aren’t yours…or mouth off to the ref…or to get stuck in early on and leave the studs up in your first challenge…but i suppose that’s part of the tension and balance of trying to live right in the midst of the world but not reflect the characteristics of it.

think that was my best performance tonight but still much to improve on!! i’ll keep you posted with my progress…