haven’t posted yet about my amazing holiday which i enjoyed earlier on this month. after the intensity of leading a week long mission team in enniskillen through work, i headed off with 2 of my best mates to portugal for 7 days of banter, golf, good food, sun, relaxation and even some football squeezed in.

it sounds all very adult and civilized to say that we played 4 rounds of golf when we were out there…but if you’d have seen us driving the golf buggies out there you would think differently!! seriously though, some beautiful courses over there and the 35 degree heat and ceaseless sunshine certainly helped our moods!!

here’s a wee video of my swing on the 18th tee of the last course we played in a place called Villamoura.

we even managed to take in 2 football matches when we were over…and also a bull fight!! i know many of you will disagree with bull fights and i share your misgiving, although it definitely wasn’t as cruel as i expected. but it was a genuinely incredible experience which i won’t forget quickly. great atmosphere and entertainment as you watch 8 men go face and face with a bull, attempting to wrestle it to a standstill, causing injury to some of them in the process!

all in all a quality break away from the routine of life…but it’s always good to be back home!