kinda in the middle of a blogging holiday at the minute simply because i couldn’t really be bothered updating but thought it would be good to give a wee shout out to a great event that’s going to be happening locally in a few weeks time.

FUEL 08 is an all day musical extravaganza happening in the Ecos Centre in Ballymena on Saturday 16th August 2008. organised by the wonderful guys over at atiG promotions, and coming off the back of Spark 08 taking place in Ballymena all the week before this, it promises to be a really exciting venture in the community of Ballymena.

something like this has been in the pipeline for a few years but the timing never seemed right, however, it’s finally arrived and i believe that it’s bursting with potential. top bands such as Starfield, Johnny Parks Band, onehundredhours and my wee mates over at Mr Jag are lined up to play…and i’m looking forward to playing a small part in the day too.

in the meantime, get praying, get publicising and get talking about this. and click here for more info.