i thought this wee cartoon aptly summed up what i did tonight. i know i’ve blogged about my love for football before but i’ve finally bitten the bullet this week and joined a team. after a couple of pre season training sessions, i signed tonight for the mighty dundrod old boys.

it’s been a while since i played for a team and there was time a few years back where i’d just lost my love for the game and my desire to keep fit had faded. but now that’s well and truly back more than ever and i’m excited about playing as much as possible

all the lads seem dead on so it will be good to get to know them all a bit more. it’s been great crack already so i’m looking forward to more of the same!

i suppose in the work i’m in travelling around the country and meeting lots of different people…and as i throw myself more into my local church to take on the youth leadership there…i’m desperate to be hanging out with and building relationships with people more. so that’s what i aim to do this year and this is one way i know i’ll do that. but i don’t want to over spiritualise it anything. i need to get fit and i love football so it makes sense!!

i’ll keep you updated with how i go!