and following on from my previous post, language is an important thing. words are in general. i mean, as a Christian, i believe that i have an incredible message to communicate. and how am i doing that to my mates. or how are we as a church communicating that to our community? are we speaking in a language that can be heard?

i’ve always heard it said that the message should never change, it’s only the medium…but is this good enough? is that even true? was Jesus not constantly coming up with new phrases, stories, questions and words in order to communicate truth? or did the bible translators throughout our ages not re-word or re-phrase things so beauty could be seen?

i suppose i’m biased towards teens and so i’ve been thinking about this a lot recently. i long to be speaking words that are being heard. not those that fall on deaf ears because they are words that are too cliched or tired or over used. because this message deserves to be heard. i need it to be heard.

so what do we need to be doing to ensure the truth of Jesus is heard in a language that can be understood?

better relationships perhaps to those we are conversing with…productions of song, dance, drama, art and poetry that engage our senses and embrace our emotions…continually driving for creativity and freshness in the words we speak…becoming greater biblical story tellers and allowing young people to discover the striking truths within the narrative on their own…investing in the world of blogging, podcasting and social networking to remain present in all areas of our culture…worship leaders signing up for open mic nights at the local pub…

i donno, that’s just a few for startes…any more??