i’ve always loved comedy. fawlty towers is my all time favourite. only fools & horses, dad’s army, have i got news for you, they think it’s all over, mock the week, friends, peter kaye, jack dee, father ted all come close. for some reason when i laugh i feel healthier. i love laughing and these type of comedies all make me laugh out loud, even when i’m on my own!!

but recently i’ve come across a couple of folks for the first time. i’d always heard of alan partridge but through a couple of friends, and the fact that his shows have been repeated on UK Gold recently, i’ve seen much more of his stuff. it’s a true, old style british comedy – he makes me laugh a lot.

then when i was at spring harvest, a guy called Tim Vine did a stand up show every night alongside another funny guy John Archer. Tim Vine apparantly held the world record at one time for the most gags in 60 seconds. when you hear him, you’ll know why.

so i looked Tim Vine up on YouTube and here’s one of the clips i found. hope you enjoy it…