i know i’m biased and can only base this on the northern hemisphere…but i often reckon this land is the nicest in the world! sometimes i sway between ireland and canada but this week it’s very definitely ireland!


i’m a big fan of european cities and would usually gravitate more towards the hustle and bustle of city life rather than beautiful scenery but this week i spent a couple of days in Co. Donegal with a few friends. it reminded me of how much i love this land…and how much of it i still have to discover. i think a road trip around ireland should be on the cards in the next couple of years!!


i love donegal and have probably visited the county more than 30 times in the last 3 years, but i still managed to go to a wee place where i’d never been to before. perhaps because it’s so vast and all so beautiful, donegal is always a refreshing place to visit.


it was a really relaxing few days. not relaxing as in sitting around relaxing…but more in the good food, good company, fresh air, jogging, tennis relaxing that i prefer. the photo in this post is of Rossapena Beach where we had a lovely jog on thursday morning.



i’m working hard for the next 3 weeks then heading off to portugal for a week with 2 of my best mates for some more of my type of relaxing…