it’s that time of the year.

the time when i arrange a meeting for the week ahead and then dread fills my stomach as i realise that it clashes with the european championship semi final. or when i resent working late because russia are playing greece. or when i desperately try to rearrange my nights out around the final games in Group D in the vain hope that Sweden might squeeze through.

but this is no easy thing to schedule for every night in a month and so i’ve had to become incredibly creative and inventive to even get watching the games…especially when sarah comes round for the evening!

and so i’ve resorted to explaining the geo-political of Germany and Poland in order to hype up the sporting clash about to unfold later that evening. or try desperately to enthuse about the most important match in the competition so far, that unmissable clash between Austria and Croatia. even highlighting the fact that ronaldo will be playing tonight and so she can watch him in action!!

in case your worried for sarah, i promised her a meal out last wednesday night…until i realised that was Russia v. Sweden!!

in other instances its been moving the group of people in our house to the kitchen and subtely nudging the tv on so i can watch my adopted homeland for the month of June, Holland. or racing home for 11pm in order to watch the highlights, shielding myself from all sources that may reveal the score of the long awaited Italy v. Romania match. or even making sure that the restaurant we are going to will have a screen on in the corner so i can watch the new Spurs signing in action!

i’ve just arrived home from leading worship all day and i’m now about to sit down to watch the holland match which i’ve taped obliviously unaware of the score! nothing ever changes…