last night i saw possibly the worst film of all time. ‘forgetting sarah marshall’ was sarah’s idea but i went along with it knowing nothing about the film. now before i go on, i feel like i need to qualify 3 things…

1) i’m no movie critic. in fact, i enjoy almost every film i go to see as i appreciate the art of media.
2) i don’t count myself as a prude. i laugh at many things i see and hear. sometimes i know afterwards that i shouldn’t have laughed but that hasn’t stopped me laughing at the time.
3) i’ve seen nudity on screen before. sometimes by choice. sometimes not.

this film wasn’t just boring or unfunny, but it was totally disgusting. it was packed with nudity and sex scenes and innuendo and horrible language, but what really annoyed me was the fact that the certificate of this movie was 12A. to be honest this appalls me and i believe that in this instance i should speak out about it. how that film can be suitable for a 12 year old is completely beyond me.

i may sound an old and self righteous git but it’s obvious that the gift and beauty of sex has been lost. conversations are filled with it. minds are full of it. the media is obsessed with it.

our young people are being brought up in a society where sex is shoved in their faces so much that it’s unavoidable for those who choose to live in the real world. it’s certainly a tough society for young Christians as they seek to navigate the tension of living very much in this world, yet remaining set apart as Christ’s.

rant over.