and following on from my last post, i’m also excited to be involved once again this year in Spark 08 in ballymena. last year it was just an immense privilege to be part of what was going on and even though my role will be different this year, i’m just as excited about seeing hundreds of young people build upon the solid foundations of last year.

this year, alongside a wonderful team of artists, musicians and technicians, i have the job of speaking each morning at the worship gatherings for all the volunteers. i’m hoping that this will be a time to be really creative in our communication and i can’t wait to get my teeth stuck into it.

check out the website for more details and take a bit of time to pray for what’s going on…

in its second year, the vision of Spark remains the same as ever: that the church of Jesus Christ in Ballymena would together represent the characteristics of Jesus in their town: loving, compassionate, full of grace and mercy, kind, humble, forgiving and passionate.