was at the spark prayer meeting yesterday morning in ballymena and began to get very excited about the potential of what God wants to do through us His people.

for me it was just a privilege to sit and listen to stories from my friends willis mcdowell and billy morgan about some of the things God has been doing through them in their amazing Clubreach initiative. check it out – i want to applaud them for what they are doing…

and i was reminded of some of the times when i’ve spent time on the streets aiming to point people to Jesus. sometimes it was playing some music, while at other times i met, chatted and shared with people on the streets but they were always special times. there were always people drawn. and always specific people who God wanted us to meet.

i think i’d like to spend more time on the streets over the next wee while. maybe it’s just me but i believe God’s Spirit is on our streets. it’s not that He arrives on the streets when we do, but that we have the immense opportunity of joining Him there in what He’s already doing.

perhaps i’ve missed those days of youthful naivety. or i’m too comfortable in the things i find easier to do. but maybe for me it’s about simply stopping to pause a bit more. when i’m in my own home town i always seem to be rushing around or have the phone to my ear. i want to slow down and take more time to meet those who God places in my path.