over the past few months we’ve been trying a brand new experiment called ‘Network’. based around home groups, ‘network’ is a community of 20’s and 30’s based around home groups, but who come together every 6 weeks for a corporate worship, teaching and social evening.

in many ways it’s been a really challenging experiment, but at the same time it’s been so rewarding. for us, it’s an age group that’s been neglected for too long and so its been exciting to watch God build up some community among folks in our church, as well as see other folks coming from different parts of the local area.

were beginning to open the ‘network’ nights a bit more and advertise more widely. we sense that this need isn’t just for our church, but for many others as well. so on saturday night were having our last network night of the year and your welcome to join us. with folks gathering from 7.30pm onwards it will be a relaxed atmosphere with some nibbles, teas/coffees before we head into a time of worship and teaching together.

i love seeing new things begin to fulfill a specific need. we need more fresh visions and new initiatives in the church in northern ireland to fill the gaps that naturally exist…