this week i stumbled across something that i wrote 4 years ago. It was in response to reading the book “Red Moon Rising” for the first time and voiced my desires to see people seeking God’s face in prayer and worship in my own church, area and nation.


as I read it I had a good chuckle to myself at what i had written – the youthful naivety, the brashness of it all and the sheer enthusiasm. yet amidst the laughs was a realisation that perhaps some of that enthusiasm and passion has waned a little in my life over the years. and balancing this with my last post, this is something that I don’t want to ever lose sight of.


so here’s a little of what i wrote on the 14th May 2004 when I was meant to be revising for my exams!!



Why do I feel like we’re on the verge of something? What is this that’s stirring within me? Is this just my child-like enthusiasm carrying me away, my youthful naivety getting the better of me or am I too dosed up on the opium of idealism. Possibly…very possibly…maybe even probably…but why then is the deepest darkest me not at peace? That doesn’t even begin to explain the fact that my Spirit is stirring and I don’t want to rest until we glimpse more of Almighty God. What is it that’s coming? What is it in air that’s changing? Are these once again the days of the Upper Room as God’s modern day disciples cry out to Him, call on His name and seek His face? Are we mirroring what the world’s first church planting team did before they spilled out onto the streets with the Spirit of God upon them to bring 3000 to faith in Christ?


Why is my CD player sticking on the words “Revive us”? Are we apathetic about seeing people’s eternities switched to glory? Do we even care about finding God? Have we let our hearts frost over? Let’s get out the De-Icer and realise that those who seek God will find Him and those who are pure in heart will see the Living, Immutable, Unchanging, All-powerful, Creator and King that we can call Father.


You tell us that those who humble themselves, turn from their own ways, pray and seek Your face will see their land healed. So why aren’t we seeking You? Why aren’t we hating sin with all the passion that is deep within us? Where has humility gone in these days and where are the over subscribed prayer gatherings? Would we even notice if God’s Spirit was upon us? Would we be so blind that we miss the day of Your hand upon us?


How often have we not followed Your paths and ended up walking in the wilderness for the next 40 years? Enough Lord, enough! Come Lord Jesus, come! Meet with Your people Lord and heal this land and may all glory go to You, Yahweh. Can you knock down the walls that separate and allow us access to the Promised Land?


Look! The red rope has been lowered and we are marching! Yes! We’re marching around those walls but what is it that we must do while we march? Yes! We minister before the Almighty One in song and we worship and call on His name. We’ll do it hour after hour, day after day, week after week and in the last days we’ll continue doing it all day and all night until you break those dividing walls. Will you smash those walls?


Revive and stir up Your people O God. Purify us and set us apart for Your anointed purpose. Is something coming? Is something changing? Possibly…very possibly…probably! We’ve humbled ourselves and turned from our wickedness, we’re praying and we’re seeking…DEFINITELY!! Let’s win this generation for our King!