Magic Eyes are nothing more than a money making scam. They are a fraud!! I mean, who in their right minds could believe that these jumbled images actually contain an object within them?!


Are you like me and have spent time looking at a Magic Eye puzzle, staring at it for what seems like an age, unable to discover what object actually lay behind the mirage of lines and colours?


I’m a deprived human being because I have to confess that I’ve never ever seen even one of these Magic Eye objects – not one! One night I sat around a friend’s kitchen table with a Magic Eye book and watched all my mates marvel at the beautiful images concealed within while I saw nothing but a mess of colours.


They said helpful things like “look through it” (that didn’t make much sense) and reliably informed me that if you stared at the image for look enough an object would suddenly jump at me from the page! Yeah…and the word gullible has been removed from the English dictionary!!


I guess the whole magic eye thing feels a bit like life sometimes. Some days God seems so clear on my horizon, so vibrant in my sight. But often there are times when i’m staring hard at the page and yet I just don’t seem able to spot where God is in it all…


It reminds me of a time when Jesus appeared to two of His close friends and devoted followers. He walked up to nine miles with these men and chatted with them for the whole journey yet they didn’t even recognise Him! Their grief clouded their view of the Master and it was only later when Jesus broke some bread that He jumped out from the page at them and open eyed, wide eyed, they recognised Him.


So I suppose as I walk along the path it’s about trusting even when I can’t see Him, walking forward even when I don’t know the way, talking to Him like He’s there beside me…