i sat in the odyssey arena yesterday morning watching thousands of kids at the Kidzfest event for the Celebration of Hope weekend. and as i looked on i was reminded of the words of Jesus about not hindering the little children coming to Him for His Kingdom actually belongs to these kids…

even from beneath my Barney costume, that was so evident yesterday as thousands of kids smiled, sang, danced, laughed and streamed forward to begin a friendship with Jesus. some may frown and worry and complain, but we’ve been commanded to not hinder these little ones coming to Jesus, and it just made me smile.

in fact, all weekend kids, young people and adults have been coming to Jesus. some have even entered into the kingdom of heaven. i don’t care about specific numbers or mass responses, i just want to see more people fall in love with Jesus.

no matter what you think of mass evangelism events, or come up to the front responses, or american evangelists, it’s such an exciting weekend in general for the church northern ireland. it’s just got to be a good thing when so many churches get together to be equipped better to share their faith in everything they do, to pray together, to think about their friends, and then to come en masse along with thousands of people who don’t yet know Jesus personally.

and you know what i think? loadsa folks becoming Christians at the same time is not down to 1 guy on a stage. its not because there was a good band on stage. it’s not even because of the celebration of hope event.

but i think it’s because of the faithful sunday school teachers, the mighty old prayer warriors, the bedraggled school SU leaders, the worn out youth leaders and the passionate parents of our nation.

this is their time to walk on air and be encouraged. this is their time to be applauded and affirmed. this is their time to be thanked and told to keep going. we need more people like them in our nation…