spent the last few days in County Donegal with 3 of my best mates. we played 3 rounds of golf (i’m knackered now from so much walking), ate 3 fries (must get training again), had too few hours sleep (restful holiday??!) and played countless frames of pool (never gets boring!).

it was great for me to get away for a few days. i mean i’m not going to claim that work is any busier for me than anyone else or that life is majorly stressful…but it’s been a fairly intense couple of months and it was good to spend time with some of the folks who know you best and you can be totally at home with.

anyway, there’s something special about the true acceptance of best mates. i mean, this weekend i was extra aware at times at some of my personality quirks, annoying habits and downright sinful attitudes, yet these people will always accept you just the way you are. not criticise or force you to be different, but love that person you are regardless. not expecting you to be someone you aren’t, but allowing you to be yourself in every moment…

…so it’s been a great weekend from all angles. good golf. great food. top banter. special times.

and tomorrow is Sarah Day…long overdue she would tell you!! …and sadly i’ve no photos cos Craig forgot his camera…very out of character!!