i think i fell in love with Jesus this morning.

it’s that simple.

i mean i don’t want to go over the top or anything, but i’m convinced something significant happened in my heart earlier today. and i’m also desperate that this isn’t something i just blog about in my private little computer world that gets made public simply because i press public. but something that i’m free to talk about just as naturally as i chat about the great match at the weekend or the top film i saw last week.

so i was lying in bed this morning reading a book that i’d been struggling my way through. filled with concepts and ideas that were good to think through but just frying my head. and yet 120 pages into the book i reckon i stumbled across possibly the most heart exploding passage that i’ve ever had the privilege to read. the chapter was simply called “Jesus”. 30 pages about Jesus. unapologetically Jesus.

and as i read i honestly think i fell in love with Jesus all over again. i mean i know i’ve loved him before and stuff. and i think that for the last few years i’ve always had my heart turned towards God no matter what. but more often than not it’s the head knowledge that wins rather than the heart. that i love God with all my mind, but not always all of my heart. perhaps some might say i’d forgotten my first love…but without realising it if you know what i mean. and certainly without meaning to.

that’s all i really want to say. i’ve fallen in love with Jesus all over again.