it’s so good to take time every so often and look back. especially when were frustrated with the ways things are in the present, we can be reminded of better days, lighter moments and special memories.

so i’m sitting with friends last night over a bite to eat doing just that. we were laughing about the hilarious moments. remembering the tough times. talking about the people who have made an impact in our lives.

i suppose we were being a wee bit sentimental, because things change from time to time and don’t always feel the same but it did remind me of how gracious God has been to me in allowing me to meet so many true servants of Christ over the past few years. people who will never get publicly recognised or audibly acclaimed, but those who will wear many crowns in heaven, only to throw them at the feet of Jesus once again.

and yeah, there have been so many laughs and random occurrences along the way that i don’t want to ever fade from my memory. and while i don’t want to live in the past, it’s good to look back now and again…