called in with mel today when i was passing by the ymca in lurgan and she encouraged me to keep on blogging. too many bloggers falling by the wayside she reckons!!

so we shared in the frustrations of blogging. i sometimes think what’s me writing a blog actually doing for the world? suppose its hard to know if anyone actually reads this thing or if its just another thing to skim past in our fast paced world.

but fairly selfishly its one of those things that’s been good for me over the past few years. i’ve never been a diary person and so blogging has helped me to process thoughts and concepts, as well as to share them and hear other peoples insights. thanks to those of you who sharpen through your insights…

but more than writing, it’s been so good to read other people’s insights on their blogs and even join the conversation sometimes. it sometimes feels like a virtual community thing. so if your a blogger who’s fallen by the wayside recently, we miss your input and it would be great to have you back soon!!!