sarah and i were laughing loads last night at some of the funny things we did as kids, and i guess as we shared some ridiculous stories i realised that all the quirky things we got up to kinda reflect different parts of our personalities now.

maybe this sounds silly but one example came to me that i told sarah about. i played rugby at school and wasn’t ever that great at it, but i enjoyed it for a few years anyway. i wasn’t all that quick, didn’t have lots of strength and i wasn’t a renowned tackler but for some reason when i began playing i was given a fairly important role in the team. basically i played the same position as Jonny Wilkinson, Ronan O’Gara and Dan Carter. i reckon its because i was really a footballer now playing a sport with a funny shaped ball so they let me be the kicker for the team. 

anyway, i’m telling you this because i’ve realised lately that part of my personality desires to always come up with fresh and new ways of doing things. especially in church, and in communicating, and in leading worship, i have such a longing to see more creativity in how we share the bible with our children, our young people and our adults. sometimes it seems to me like we’ve only thought about the message we’re presenting, but perhaps the medium is just as important. for me routine often becomes rut and creates apathy.  so often we know what to expect in church that it causes us to switch off. and so i feel there’s such a need to be constantly freshening up how we do corporate worship. changing the order. fresh songs. different voices. creative responses. all that stuff.

so i was chatting to sarah about this and was reminded of the way i used to try and play my rugby. because i was rubbish, i had to try and be as clever as possible whenever i got the ball and i thought back to one particular incident. i was kicking the ball off for the start of the match and wanted to try something different. something that would take the opposition by surprise.

so i pretended i was left footed and everyone lined up to my right expecting the ball to be kicked towards them so they could catch it. but 1 of my team-mates stayed to the other side and i ran up and kicked it straight to him. he was free and he ran the whole way to the line. we’d scored within 20 seconds, and we even won that game, which didn’t happen very often!! very sneaky i suppose but it worked.

in the same way, as i constantly tried to be creative on the rugby pitch, i want to strive for creativity and freshness in everything i do for God.

DISCLAIMER: that is not me in the photo…