was at manna on saturday morning and phil emerson was speaking. i love every month at manna. its good to meet with other folks in similar ministries and share together. but something in particular that phil said really struck a chord with me. maybe it’s just because of what’s going on in life at the moment but he said that as “responsibility rises, relationship suffers.”

i find that to be so true right now. as responsibility in work, or in ministry, or in church grows, it’s so difficult to continue maintaining relationships that have always come so easily and naturally. for the first time in my life it feels like a real effort to keep building on some amazing friendships that i’ve been blessed with.

but for me this is worth the effort, and recently i’ve been getting frustrated about the drifting of some of my relationships and friendships. i understand the truth of phil’s statement, but i don’t want it to be true for my life. i want to intentionally seek to keep relationships in my life strong no matter what. i never want busyness to get in the way of relationship. or programs to get in the way of people.

this ain’t easy, as i’m learning more and more each day, but some stuff requires sacrifice. in fact, some stuff is worth sacrifice.

on this note, it was great for me and sarah to hang out with 2 friends last night who we hadn’t seen in ages. a married couple who are always fun to be around, yet manage to inspire us both in our relationship and faith. i want more times like that!!

heading tomorrow to birmingham for the day for some training ahead of going to Spring Harvest in Minehead in April. it’s fantastic to be able to drink in teaching and training like this and i still count it a privilege. there are some exciting things coming up in the next few months which i feel humbled to be a part of. but in the midst of the increased responsibility, i pray that the important relationships don’t suffer.